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Email: Call +255 717 129 999 , +255 673 102 220 ,+255 673 109 990 , +255 715 263 999

About Us



Background and Context

A Social enterprise and privately owned institution, Paradigms Institute Limited, commonly known as “Paradigms” contributes to the Government of Tanzania and other Stakeholder’s effort of reducing the national gap of human resources for health, technologists (Scientists, Engineers, Technicians Artisans) and in other key areas for development including architects, land management and valuation specialists, social workers and business specialists. As a social enterprise, Paradigms applies business strategies to maximize improvements in financial, health, education and environmental wellbeing. Paradigms transform young Tanzanians by providing them with strategic skills that help them access gainful employment in the competitive labor market hence breaking the circle of poverty and desperation that characterizes their lives.

Paradigms own and run the following institutions:                    

  • Paradigms College of Health and Allied Sciences;
  • Paradigms College of Science and Allied Technology;
  • Paradigms College of Business, Tourism and Planning;
  • Paradigms Primary School; and
  • Paradigms Islamic Secondary and High School.


Paradigms Institute Dar es Salaam (PID) is a private owned institution under Paradigms Institute Limited which also owns the Paradigms College of Technology. The Paradigms Institute Dar es Salaam was registered by the National Council for Technical Education in 2012 with a Registration No. REG/BMG/033.  PID is located at Kimara-Bonyokwa 3.5 kilometres from Dar es Salaam – Morogoro highway. The location of the college is supported by tranquil learning environment which is ideal for the purpose of tertiary learning, provided with easy accessibility in terms of public transport and other academic related facilities.

Our Vision

To be the best, outstanding and competent institution in the production of highly trained professionals in health, technology and business industry in Tanzania and Africa at large.

Our Mission

Paradigms contribute to global development through production of highly competent and innovative social and development agents who have been brought up from experienced, committed and dynamic professionals.

Core Values

Paradigms core values constitute the fundamental beliefs that drive the organization’s standards of behavior and culture. In this regard, Paradigms is guided by ten (10) core values as set out in the table below:





We uphold honesty and strong moral principles in all decisions, actions and in implementing programs.


We uphold openness in all activities and provision of services.


We commit to demonstrate and take responsibility in decisions and actions as well as accountable for the progress of our clients on roles that are relevant to the institution.


We promote and practice a participatory approach in the conduct of all activities and operations.


We demonstrate initiative and responsiveness to changing trends in development.

Quality Standards

We commit to apply standard operational procedures and adhere to systems and processes that promote quality improvement under the total quality management philosophy.


We uphold the highest levels of equity by treating all stakeholders without any discrimination whatsoever.


We engage in partnerships with a common goal to develop strategic skills among young learners.


We reflect the richness of our continent and the diverse cultures.


We commit to uphold ethics and high standards of excellence in working with all stakeholders and in our routine operations.